Hi, I'm Petros

Creative from the heart. Currently working as web developer at DRAXIS Environmental.


Computer Projects

2016 Drama Platform

Embeddable animations for the web based on HTML canvas.
Project site, Repository

2015 Then Code Created Man

A coding game for children or beginners.
Project site, Repository

2015 Editathon Leaderboard

A real time tracker of Wikipedia edits created for "Edit-athons".

2014 Strobbio

Transfer small amounts of data directly from your screen to your Arduino powered project.
Project site, Repository

2013 Galaxy Of Fame

A visualization of famous people who were born or died a particular day. Each person is depicted by a star in a small galaxy.
Project site

2009 SoundEngine

A modular synthesis environment created in Java.

Graphic Design


Posters for the greek community SheSharp.

Lyceum Club Of Greek Women

Posters for the branch of "Lyceum Club Of Greek Women" at Corfu.


For more visual creations check my dedicated gallery

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